The collection

The collection consists of limited pieces for women.

We are extending our designs slowly and making each piece on a pre-ordered base as our capacity of production is small, slow and sustainable. We wish to not change designs fast and the clothes can be worn every season. It just depends on how you style the pieces, whether it’s for a summer day or a winter evening. It is all based on a feeling. We want to take you back to the seventies and give you all the comfort you wish, and the longest legs! We want to create clothing that makes you feel feminin, soft, elegant, sexy and timeless. We use fabrics that do not sweat, nor wrinkle too much. All stretchy and flowy. And we adore cotton vintage lace and golden zippers. And velvet.

Your unique garment has been designed and handmade in Amsterdam. The makers have been working in a stressfree environment and are valued well for their wonderful talent. We are looking for a way to find more hands to meet the demand but we are solely looking for a fair way of producing so we are taking our time for that. Bear with us in the meantime…

Most items go by pre-order. When pieces are ‘out of stock’ on the website it will mostly be temporarily. We are just managing the demands and not stressing the making process.

The fittings of our garments are common as global standard sizing.